Guided Meditation

03 - Connection and Love

This Guided Meditation, based on the Lovingkindness Meditation, will help you connect more deeply with God, others, yourself, and creation. It was also designed to help you sense the tangible love that God has for you and to express it back to Him and others around you. It is approximately 12 minutes and set to modern music and visuals.

Please check out the other guided meditations in this series, each of which can be used repeatedly throughout your week whether in the morning, noontime, evening, whether it be during a meal, commute, workout, or a sacred time in your day set apart for the Lord. They were produced jointly by WILD and MT12, and it is our hope that you will find them helpful in experiencing the presence and voice of Jesus.


Led by Nick Osborne (

Produced by Jeff Wong (@morethan12)