Guided Meditation

01 - Mercy and Humility

This is a 12 minute guided meditation, based on the ancient Jesus Prayer, with modern music and visuals. Traditionally, the prayer is repeated continually and has been particularly popular among Eastern churches and has also been used as a part of personal ascetic practice. This meditation and others can be used repeatedly throughout your week whether in the morning, noontime, evening, whether it be during a meal, commute, workout, or a sacred time in your day set apart for the Lord. The prayer and this meditation is based on a parable that Jesus taught and is recorded in Luke 18:9-14.

This and future guided meditations are produced jointly by Wild and MT12, and it is our hope that you will find them helpful in focusing yourself on the presence and voice of Jesus outside of Sunday worship.


Led by Pastor Nick Osborne (

Produced by Pastor Jeff Wong (@morethan12)